About Xomzom.com

 Xomzom.com is me, Dedi Hirschfeld. I'm a Software Engineer (among other things), with around 15 years of experience, many of them in IBMI've registered this domain name to play around with just before quiting my job on April, 2009, to take some time off to think (I was working at EMC at the time) . At the time I'm writing this, it is still unclear whether quiting my well-paying hi-tech job in the middle of a global financial crisis was the bravest thing I've ever done, or the stupidest. Anyway, xomzom.com is still - and I guess will always be - under construction, but at some point will contain some mobile applications and fun web stuff, as well as some other stuff I've scribbled. Who knows, this site might even have a decent logo at some point. Hopefully, you'll find some of the stuff on here useful.